It was quite pleasant living in Dehra Dun, a regular peacetime station, but early in February we moved to the transit area for repatriates at Deolali. The Regiment was formed in India on 1st October 1942, mainly from non-Burmese survivors of the retreat from Burma. The First World War cost the Regiment nearly 7,000 lives. This is a list of battalions of the Border Regiment, which existed as an infantry regiment of the British Army from 1881 to 1959. For any other comments, please Contact Us. He served in the Border Regiment, and was sent first to India I think, and then onto Burma. In 1958, having returned home, it was sent to Kenya and Aden, until settling back in Barnard Castle in July 1959 where it and the Border Regiment finally met in Barnard Castle in September 1959. France and Flanders (7 Division) from September 1914. [CDATA[ January 1916 : evacuated via Mudros to Egypt. During the summer … SE1883.jpg 797 × 800; 83 KB Men waiting in … The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites It was preserved as a contemporary witness after the fall of communism and has been open to … Prior to July 1881 when the Border Regiment was formed, the 1st Battalion was the 34th (Cumberland) Regiment of Foot, and the 2nd Battalion was the 55th (Westmoreland) Regiment of Foot. The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not This was to prove yet another war where the British soldier was to suffer because of incompetence. If you can't locate a copy of the book but have got your Grandad's Battalion and the date he joined them I would be happy to look for you. Thunder 3rd West African Brigade. On 23 May they were in action near Amiens. Built in 1987, the tower was the command post of the Border Regiment 38 and was responsible for a further 18 border towers. The 1st Battalion The  Border  Regiment were part of the 2nd Division at Aldershot in September 1939, and were amongst the first troops to cross the Channel on the outbreak of war.I. They joined 87th Brigade in 29th Division at Rugby. Between the wars the Regulars returned to policing the Empire. Alma Block, The Castle, Carlisle, Sailed from Avonmouth on 17 March 1915 for Gallipoli, going via Egypt and Mudros. Landed at Cape Helles 25 April 1915. He was married but had no children. From 1955 to 1959, the Battalion was in Germany and Berlin. Air-drops by US planes were a key factor in Burma’s mountainous and densely-vegetated terrain. Moved to Rugby. During 1940, many re-organisations took place. They arrived in time to take part in the difficult and tedious guerrilla war which lasted until finally, the peace was signed in 1902. Guy took part in the capture of Fort Dufferin in Mandalay and graciously allowed us to hold a piece of the Fort wall he has kept all these years as a souvenir of the battle, as well as the Japanese prayer flag amongst other items he owns. The 2nd Bn The Border Regiment joined the hastily formed 7th Division which embarked for Zeebrugge in October 1914, its objectives being to save the Channel Ports. As a child I would have loved to have heard his stories of battles and guns but he never ever talked about it. Supporting the 5th Sherwood Foresters, both were driven back by heavy shelling, and eventually many were killed or captured. The 1st Battalion of the Regiment were initially part of the Armies of Occupation in Germany and Italy. 271943 and accredited under the Arts Council of England Accreditation Scheme. The 1959 amalgamated regiment preserved traditions of the previous three regiments (4th, 34th and 55th). Service No. An ITV program originally shown on Border TV about The King's Own Royal Border Regiment amalgamation that was announced in 2004. An American mortar team bombard Japanese positions around Lashio, railhead of the old 'Burma Road'. 2. awarded 1909 for service of 55th Regiment. Dublin, Ireland 1882; Guernsey 1888; Malta 1888; 2. New!! Deployment 1881.07.01 1st Battalion, The Border Regiment 1881 India: Agra 1885 Sialkot 1889 Burma 1890 England: Dover 1893 England: Aldershot 1897 Malta 1899.09.27 at sea 1899.10.21 Cape Colony: Cape Town Border Regiment - WW1. His stories were both fascinating and horrifying to me and he was clearly affected by his time in Burma having lost close friends. Most of the remainder of the Battalion escaped to England through Brest. The 4th Battalion was mobilised on the 4th August 1914 and shortly after that sailed for India, however, it wasn't until the raising of the Battalion's reserve unit that it became known as the 1/4th Battalion Border Regiment, after which this was the Battalion's official title. This was the Sicily Landings in 1943. My grandfather William Smith served in the Border Regiment in Burma during World War Two. Tactical/Forward HQ, Shaduzup, Burma. For The Border Regiment it came early. Suspended Animation << First Page < Previous Page: Next Page > Last Page >> Number of Records Returned: 18; Number of Pages Returned : 1; Pages. The Burma Regiment. The Volunteer Battalions were formed into the Territorial Force, available, if necessary, to fight overseas. The Volunteer Battalions now became the 4th and 5th Territorial Force Battalions of the Regiments, and the Militia Battalions became Special Reserve Battalions to reinforce the Regular Army. The 4th Border Regiment, along with its sister battalion the 5th Border Regiment, were both Territorial Force battalions. Original composition. IWM (O 134) 13th May 1940 In Defence 21st May 1940 Orders 27th May 1940 On the Move 27th May 1940 Orders 28th May 1940 On the Move 1st Jun 1940 Reorganisation 5th Jun 1940 On the Move 9th Jun 1940 In Defence 9th Jun 1940 In Defence 1st Jul 1940 On the Move 5th Sep 1940 On the Move … By February 1945, bridgeheads had been secured over the Irrawaddy River and the Japanese were being steadily forced out of Burma. It coped with the Somali riots in the capital Magadishu, before handing the Territory back to the Italians and returning home. The regiment was formed on 1 July 1881 as part of the Childers Reforms by the amalgamation of the 34th (Cumberland) Regiment of Foot and the 55th (Westmorland) Regiment of Foot. In 1881 they amalgamated to form the Border Regiment, a fearsome force of Cumbrians who fought in the Battle of Arnhem in 1944 and were well-represented in the bitter war across Burma, as featured in the book Quartered Safe Out Here by George MacDonald Fraser. The 4th Battalion The Border Regiment was part of the new 23rd Brigade attached to the 1st Armoured Division. No need to register, buy now! They were only home a year,before they were in the Middle East again, this time in the Canal Zone of Egypt, where they remained until 1954. 271943 and accredited under the Arts Council of England Accreditation Scheme. In North West Europe, 6 Border served as a Beach Landing Group on the Normandy Beaches in June and July 1944, before being disbanded and dispersed mainly to Battalions in 15th (Scottish) Division, who fought through to the end of the war. By signing up to the newsletter, you are agreeing to the following: Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life will never pass contact details on to any other third parties and all contact details will only be used to get in touch with subscribers directly. 5 September 1914: moved to Lyndhurst and cam… It should be plain sailing from there. He enlisted in 1939 and served from 1943 to 46 in India and Burma. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); Leaving the desert, the 70th Division, including the 4th Battalion The Border Regiment, were now went to India and Burma. 1 Border were sent to Palestine in 1947, and remained there until the evacuation in 1948. In June they were fighting on the flank of the 51st Highland Division, where D Company held the enemy at bay at Inchville for six days until they were all either killed or captured. The Regiment wears a glider on the sleeves of their uniforms, an honour granted to the first troops to go into action by glider. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Close Use this image under non-commercial licence. Burma has Areas that are Restricted. They were training for France when orders arrived to prepare to depart for Gallipoli. They arrived in Cape Town as war was declared, and rushed to Natal to join the force which was to be commanded by Sir Redvers Buller to relieve Ladysmith. The other Regular Battalion 1 Border, were in India and Burma on the outbreak of War, Territorials were sent out to relieve them of Garrison Duty. For The B… He served in the Burma campaign 1944-1946. 15-Mar-1947 ? The 34th was first raised in 1702 in East Anglia as ‘Lord Lucas's Regiment of Foot’. With the remainder of the service of the Battalion in the east, which did not come to an end until the winter of 1919, it should be … Timeline Officer Commanding (O.C.) See more » Burneside Hall. This image was created and shared by: Stuart Nicholson. His Brother, Lieutenant Colonel eorge Ernest Beaty-Pownall DSO, of 2nd Battalion, Border Regiment, on attachment to 1st Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers, fell on 10-10-1918 aged 41 and is buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. It was the Regular Army which bore the brunt of the early attacks by the Germans in 1914. Description Slate Plaque within a sandstone surround Inscription COLONELS OF/THE KING’S OWN ROYAL BORDER REGIMENT/ Major General Valentine Blomfield CB DSO 1959-1961/ Lieutenant General Sir Richard Anderson KCB CBE DSO 1961-1971/ General Sir William Scotter KCB CBE MC ADC Gen 1971-1981/ Major General David Miller CB CBE MC 1981-1988/ Major General Robert Hodges CB OBE 1988 … When the 34th (Cumberland) Regiment of Foot amalgamated with the 55th (Westmorland) Regiment of Foot, to become The Border Regiment in 1881 under the Cardwell-Childers reforms of the British Armed Forces, four pre-existent militia and volunteer battalions of Cumberland and Westmorland were integrated into the structure of the regiment. The Regiment in Burma In November 1942, a Regimental Centre was established at Secunderabad, where the first Field Squadrons and AA Flights for Service in Burma were formed. In 1927, by an unusual coincidence, both 1 and 2 Border met in Shanghai where the Nationalist Chinese were threatening the International Settlement. China has begun to build a hi-tech wall topped with barbed wire and surveillance cameras on its border with Burma in what is believed to be an attempt to stop dissidents leaving the country.Footage of 14737510 was in the 2nd Battalion Border Regiment, 14th Army. As I mentioned yesterday in my post on Border Regiment recruitment 1881-1914, 1906 was a bumper year for the regiment.In the period 31st January 1905 to 3rd January 1906, less than two hundred men had joined the regiment. The image is free to reuse for non-commercial purposes under the IWM Non Commercial Licence. 4th Border Regiment 1st Essex Regiment At Gawilor, India, Special Force received training to prepare them for operating deep behind enemy lines. Brigadier A.H. Gillmore, (succeeded by Brigadier A.H.G. or simply the Westmorland Regiment.The 55th ceased to exist as a separate regiment when it was amalgamated into The Border Regiment in 1881 … Guy Newton - Border Regiment, 19th Indian Division We had the privelage to meet Mr Guy Newton at the Woodhall Spa 1940's Festival in 2012 and again in 2013. Let me know if I can help further. The 1st Battalion The Border Regiment was in Malta when war threatened to break out in South Africa. This books concerns the Regiments operational history in South-east Asia Command and draws on the diaries and recollections of the men who served in that theater. I think the book is unfortunately out of print, but there are copies in the Cumbria County Archives so you can access a copy there, or perhaps even at the Border Regiment Museum in Carlisle. Cumbria's Museum of Military Life Alma Block, The Castle, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8UR. A mule column of the 2nd Punjabi Regiment carries supplies to the front line, Burma, 1944. There they stayed for a few days awaiting new orders before moving on to their next calling. Son of John Blair & Mary Ann Cumberledge Blair, (nee Richmond) Of Barmarra, Harrington, Cumberland,, UK. Original composition Edit. These messages were added to this story by site members between June 2003 and January 2006. Thus the structure was laid on which to build the huge Army of 1914-1918. Age 37. Dublin, Ireland 1882; Guernsey 1888; Malta 1888; Multan, India 1890; Quetta 1897; Bareilly 1899; Burma 1902; South Africa 1905; Sheffield, England 1907; Bordon, England 1910; Pembroke Dock, Wales 1912; France and Flanders (7 Division) from September 1914. At any one time, one battalion was to be on foreign service and one on "home" service. This memorial is in Holy Trinity, the parish church of Kendal, Cumbria Ricketts): 10 HQ column 6th Battalion, Nigeria Regiment: 66 and 39 Columns 7th Battalion, Nigeria Regiment: 29 and 35 Columns 12th Battalion, Nigeria Regiment: 12 and 43 Columns This story has been placed in the following categories. Here the Regiment won its first Victoria Cross of the war, when Private Smith VC and Private Acton VC helped to get the wounded under cover. Photos, obituaries and short service records all available to view and download. Under the reforms, each line infantry regiment was to have a defined regimental district, with two regular battalions sharing a single permanent depot. Harold Thompson 2nd Battalion Border Regiment My father, Harold Thompson enlisted for WW2 and was sent to Burma with the 2nd Border Regiment. 1 King’s Own arrived in Korea in October 1953, and after a year moved to Hong Kong. Territorial Force !/4 and 2/4 (Cumberland and Westmoreland) Battalion, Border Regiment sailed for India 29 September 1914 and 4 March 1915, and were in Burma and in India throughout the First World War. Born Whitehaven 20-02-1879. 21-07-1916. Men of the Border Regiment on a ferry ready to cross the Chindwin River, between Kalewa and Shwegying, Burma, January 1945. Find out more about the site contributors. // ]]> Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life uses the email marketing website MailChimp to manage email newsletters and marketing. He told me his stories when I was a young boy and he gave me his fabric covered service and pay book, so covered because the jungle conditions rotted the normal issued type! //