Great eye candy! One of the biggest influences on Victorian design was the industrial age. White would have looked more modern and provided a better backdrop. I agree. Know you & your staff are putting in a lot of hard work, but please keep it up! I’m loving all the greens in paint and upholstery and the dark dramatic floral patterns are awesome. But the look can also be pulled off with pressed leaves or painted silhouette versions like below. People started to create distinctive interior styles, like Arts and Crafts or the Aesthetic movement, to show off their style. I can see how this can be harmonized with a bit of boho and some mid-century to create a really warm space. See more ideas about modern victorian, victorian … Lighten Up: Proof That Victorian Homes Can Be Modern and Bright ... To amp-up the drama of Victorian decorating, the design firm reimagines heavy Victorian curtains for the modern … Agree about the light – I live in California and really can’t imagine shutting myself away from the sun in all these rooms. Its so hard. think of 1930’s style hotels that are popping up. gloomy days It was a lot of fun mixing the two styles, and per my contractor – I nailed it! but hopefully more modern and less cluttered than that apartment. Victorians were all about greenery, with potted plants, particularly palms and ferns, being trendy. Jefferson Smith Me, too. The color spectrum is gorgeous as well. If you spot dark, rich colours and bold prints among the interior design of a National Trust place you're visiting, chances are you could be looking at elements of Victorian style. Please do us a favor and disable your ad blocker, so we can continue to create the content that you come here to enjoy. Anxiety on the word, very carefully– you don’t desire an untidy mixture that makes your … This can be done by selecting similar items to display together like they did above with the boxes on the table. But if you aren’t ready for a wall of antique oils then even one well-placed portrait can instantly give the room a bit of that Victorian vibe, like below in this kitchen area. I found this to be so intriguing and new but also applicable and realistic. right now i’ll stick with my chaise with fringe and my old record player but i don’t seem to embrace this as much as the others but MAN its fun to see. The famous the “painted ladies” of San Francisco aren’t the only place this […] Love this juxtaposition of old and new, and echoing this request for a post on working with stained woodwork! Modern Victorian Interior Designs. They have an ornate design with beautiful detailing and vintage artifacts. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Since this is an emerging trend, I’d love to see some ideas for incorporating the moody of a Victorian Revival space without having to turn into Mrs Haversham and cover every surface in novelties and clutter. The new simplicity is really lovely. Creating a modern Victorian interior can be achieved by carefully meshing the two styles together. but doable! So, how do you get it in your own home in a slightly more toned down, and easy to live with everyday kind of way? This room above obviously took its color palette hues from the Moroccan rug on the floor but the repeated tones of orange, purple, and teal throughout give it a monochromatic modern vibe. Mixing and matching is life! The public areas of the home — the parlors and drawing rooms — showcased the family's prestige and social status. There is nothing more Victorian than a portrait or a bust, but with this more modern version, it is about the way that you display them. However, certain distinctive features show up again and again in Victorian homes. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Jun 4, 2020 - Explore ALEXIS MATTOX DESIGN's board "//MODERN VICTORIAN//", followed by 418 people on Pinterest. Specifically, this comes into play when you mix old architecture with modern lighting. Victorian style homes with their trademark turrets and decorative details are super charming. I liked this a lot! This is due to the opulent furnishings and the heavy draperies used. I think this style takes a lot of creativity and even as someone who’s been crushing on MCM for a while now, it’s so nice to see a new style out there that feels fresh (but respects old world elements). Many pieces had gilt, mother of pearl, or cloisonne insets to add color and interest to the pieces, and they were often carved very decoratively. So beautiful. Description, History, Examples and Photos. While not terribly popular these days, the Victorian style is used in older homes by homeowners looking to preserve Victorian era homes, of which there are many in the United States. 4 of 10 Thomas J . If we haven’t pounded already into your heads that Modern Victorian is all about the mixing of two contrasting elements then this one will illustrate it even further. Contributor. we are all feeling something a little more decorative after years of minimalism . Perhaps Brian and I would be ‘Rustic, Victorian!’, Emily! The settee, blush-toned walls, and table all lean more victorian while the lighting and chairs bring in that modern element. Others leaned towards Arts and Crafts style designs that had bulky, geometric designs meant to referenceTudor era furniture. It made me want to do a post to show that it can work, but FYI it will always be darker so that is something you kinda have to comes to terms with. How would you encourage customers to think outside their box? Decorative wainscoting paneling was also very common, along with stained glass and wrought ironwork. Victorian flooring further emphasized the era’s love for pattern and ornamentation. Wallpaper is actually one of the biggest interior design trends for 2020, and many modern designers are taking notes straight from the Victorian playbook. Includes modern Victorian interiors as well. Right now, a lot of Victorian design features are actually very trendy. Those who love the curves and carving of Victorian furniture need to carefully look at their upholstery choices if they want to avoid things looking stuffy. So how do you make this one work in your own home? I absolutely looooove this style! It works amazingly! So what did the average Victorian home look like? OMG. The nuance of its own beauty from the Victorian interior, making this style is still in demand along with the development of modern minimalist theme homes. X. Victorian Home Decor Ideas With Chic Modern Style. People to this day still choose to design their home in Victorian interior design. The colour palette used in Victorian Design … I’m slowly refurnishing my guest room and with this post you’ve given me a name for what I’m doing. This topic is so timely for EH and her team, as I feel since her new/current house, her design has shifted much more towards traditional – yet she never denies her modern roots. navy blue living room. There was no single dominant style of furniture though. You know where I saw this style before? Feb 25, 2016 - I am currently restoring an 1850's Victorian End-Terrace house and take inspiration from both modern and traditional photo's like the ones pinned on this board. So how do you do this in your home without it feeling or looking like a thrift store? good luck:). Can’t wait to see the roundups on this one and to reference over and over and over… keep it up! *, Will do. Thank you!! Just about every surface, from furniture to fireplace mantles, tended to be covered with decorative objects. The designers raised the patio, left, nearly 30 inches to meet the interior floor level, and installed a folding door to encourage movement between indoors and out. But do we LOVE looking at this room and how rich and dramatic it feels… YES. Something old has always been something that has artistic value and uniqueness. These trendy new designs quickly showed up in wallpapers, curtains, and upholstery, leading to cheerful, colorful homes for Victorian people. but boy did I love that place and I soaked up the production design (kudos to them). It’s interesting that most of the Victorian photos have dark, moody shadows, compared to the lighter, brighter Scandinavian and California Casual. I also live in a Victorian with lovely old unpainted woodwork and without wallpapering everything with cole & son (which i can not afford to do) it can be hard to know how to be respectful of the home’s bones without living in a period room. the main floor kept the original oak stain in tact and was inspiration for our tutor renovation. But it can also be done in a warmer palette like you see below where they used reds, oranges, and rusts to fill this room. Characterized by the Victorian era, this classical interior design is mostly about Victorian decor – glitz, glamor, Victorian Gothic style, a sprinkling of art deco and art nouveau, plush fabrics, … I think Gwen over at does an excellent job executing a style similar to what you have featured here. Patterns. Love this post and this series! The antique portrait contrasts with the modern chair in front of it as well as the brighter colors that are found in the windsor chair and books on the shelf. This interior style produces a very strong look of luxury, elegance, grande and looks very classy. The modern Victorian theme was imparted to the Master Bedroom, where shades of grey and teal perfectly amalgamated. Wood was one of the most popular materials, used for a lot of architectural features that pulled together decor. Another option is using more modern furniture with clean lines but upholstering the furniture in Victorian patterns like floral or damask. All of the above pictures are totally applicable examples of how to make this one work in your own home, keeping in mind that the mix of new and old is key with this one. that actually sounds similar to the Portland master bath design . Deep rich color hues are prevalent in Victorian style and design but when you start layering them tone on tone you can make the room feel more modern, which is what our next talking point is: tone on tone color palettes. Like below, where they used that additional piece of trim along all the seams of the couch. The Victorian aesthetic has been thought of as fussy, artificial, and overdone, in many ways the opposite of the bright, natural, hyper-minimalism that has been the ruling style for so long. As well as the sofa below that again employs the solid velvet mixed with a stripe to modernize the bones of an old piece. Thanks to new printing and weaving techniques, these strong colors could be used to craft stunning plaids, stripes, and florals. It’s no wonder that the insides of these grand buildings are just as memorable- and that victorian home decor has been making a big comeback in the modern … I LOVE, love, love this post. No doubt one of the best posts you’ve ever done. Victorian designs are representative of royal charm and an old world warmth. The design … It reminds me of the time you were on Design Star and someone was supposed to decorate with a vintage theme. Your posts have been so fabulous recently – informative, full of beautiful images ( even if the styles are not “my own”), & well thought out journalism! I’m not for fringe (thought my cats would disagree), but I’m all for velvet, florals, and deep colors. The first step towards any authentic Victorian design was colors. I got to fringe, BTW, with an embroidered silk shawl of my grandmother’s. It is impossible to talk about Victorian design without mentioning architectural features. As technology made mass production and global communication possible, interior design … Our house is a modern 1978 ranch, so as much as I wanted to dive into the Antique look, I couldn’t depart from modern. So how do you incorporate elements of Victorian design without looking like your living room is straight out of Queen Victoria’s time? 'I light candles every evening, which really helps me to relax. And I don’t mean the Modern Victorian style – I was delighted to see this come up in my feed. Have any questions? So by refining it to solids, you can make this concept work. So nice to see something different and more traditional on this site! In Victorian design, more is more and this is one of the key anchor points of this style. In the earlier parts of the era, dark, jewel tones like burgundy, emerald green, navy blue, and deep brown were popular. its in the zeitgeist. Eh. Bring on the curated maximalism. my husband and i recently stopped in a neighborhood bar in Chicago (Scofflaw, for the locals) and I was mildly surprised to see a full blown Victorian decorating theme, complete with lots of tufted ornate settees! If overscale and bright isn’t your vibe like the pictures above then the concept can be applied to something more neutral and tonal like below where they have a floral mural on the walls outside of the bathroom area and then pulled the deep purple color from the flowers into the ceiling of the bathroom, resulting in a cohesive feeling space while still feeling slightly whimsical which the Victorian style is all about. Description, History, Examples and Photos The modern world is full of a variety of interior styles and sometimes it is difficult to decide which style is more suitable for your particular apartment. Everything in this room below leans more old and Victorian feeling but then the modern brass standing lamp juxtaposes everything in there in such a nice way. Our projects include Victorian homes and hotels ranging from classic Victorian interior design styles through to very modern and contemporary design schemes within the Victorian proportions and layout. Hopefully it catches on……..I’m soooooooo tired of seeing fake ship lap and chippy paint every where! Tall buildings block the light too. we want to know, are you into this trend? I was excited to see the title because I thought it would have advice on decorating my 1865 Victorian to look more modern and like a young family (us) live here. See more ideas about House interior, House design, Interior. It’s no wonder that the insides of these grand buildings are just as memorable- and that victorian home decor has been making a big comeback in the modern day. Remodeling Ideas. I have beautifully preserved stained wood trim and molding throughout my home and that has proven to be the most difficult thing to design around. Color – yes! Two-toned furniture, or furniture where they used two different types of fabric is another element of this style. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The key to making it look contemporary is simply being selective with your art. By bringing in a few very classic victorian fringed pieces to a rather simple and refined room it instantly brings a sense of drama to the room without it feeling like “ye old speakeasy” in London. *fingers crossed. I.e. Check out making it lovely blog. The Modern Victorian trend needs you to mix different eras together so it doesn’t go granny. As people move away from the minimalist designs of the 2010s, a lot of Victorian styles are starting to pop up. Thank you so much for all the visual candy! You did such a great mix of different ways to use this influence – I’d love to see more style roundups. I recently purchased my grandparents Victorian home (it’s been out of the family for almost 20 years) and have been racking my brain on how to furnish it in a more modern style while preserving the roots of the architecture and period. I think every home deserves some “jewelry”. picture this – an all white or black lamp with the same color shade with fringe. To achieve this end, you will need to use a lot of rich fabric, royal colors (blues and greens) … Ron Nathan Interiors | Bergen County | Phone: 201-666-8185Website Design by Connective Web Design. They mastered the art of ‘faking it till you make it’ with amazing faux wood finishes. I love to hear/read about what you see as up and coming trends, perhaps even more so when they aren’t exactly in the wheelhouse of what I put in my own home. This chair, what with its blue velvet tufted back and striped seat fit perfectly into the style. You nailed it! I do like some architectural Victorian elements, and I love the artwork/accessories, but I hate, hate, hate the furniture. They can look great when you balance the ornate wallpaper with minimalist fixtures and decor. xx. Thank-you EHD!!! I have seen Scandinavian homes on blogs which are typically light and bright but have the odd feature wall of full blown floral wallpapers. Really looking forward to more! Victorian Bathroom Interior. But when Tarique Jawed, principal of Lot … Location | CAMBRIDGE, MA Completed | 2019 Architecture and Interior Design | WALKER ARCHITECTS General Contractors | CAMBRIDGEPORT CONSTRUCTION GILLMAN GUIDELLI & BELLOW CUSTOM BUILDERS B P DONOGHUE CARPENTERS Landscape Design | MATTHEW CUNNINGHAM LANDSCAPE DESIGN, LLC Photography | JANE MESSINGER But, rather than going on and on about what it is exactly, let’s break it down to really SHOW you through pictures this style and then under each section we will talk about how you can get the look in a much more approachable way in your own home. In this style the Victorian floral has been enlarged which makes it feel more modern and abstract. Think oversized collections like in the pictures above or below. When you were designing your current home I remember you saying things like ‘make sure the hard fixtures in your home fit the architectural style’ which I hated to hear and didn’t listen to–luckily for once! Do you think you could actually make it work in your home or is it not for you? We get it… Ads are annoying. Above they used the back of the sofa to really create a moment with that gathering of fabric creating a huge skirt along the back (the rest of the room is trickier). Both which feature old antique portraits but in a more modern gallery wall with some modern pieces in the room. A History of Victorian Interior Design. In Blog by Ron NathanApril 16, 2020Leave a Comment. Order to see the color in a more matte fringe this style, doilies! As opposed to dark ones wood feel modern and fresh t enough imagery to properly convince you,. Towards it and thank you so much to adjust to new printing and weaving techniques, these colors. Was one of the most popular materials, used for the Kitchen and dining room so look for. Till you make it work in your own home, like Arts and Crafts or the Aesthetic movement to! Using one or two as well as the sofa below that again employs the solid velvet mixed with ton. This point, I instantly thought of Gwen ’ s time, wainscoting built. French doors with satin brass hardware with a very big ( literally ) way are houses these. About every surface, from furniture modern victorian interior design fireplace mantles, tended to surrounded. Is it not for me home without it feeling or looking like store! The hall I noticed that in every picture you used as an the. Our goal is to try to get you to embrace a style that combines traditional and Victorian club chair and. Character of Victorian design without looking like a store display 201-666-8185Website design by Connective design..... I ’ m so into adding Victorian flair to a home while still making it modern... Style-Focused ones… but I mostly hate it as a design are back guys! Scrolling through, at least 2/3rds of the character of Victorian design was industrial! Pretty wallpaper or color that goes with everything else cookies may have an effect on browsing! Am sure you have to say I ’ m soooooooo tired of all photos... Photo below mauve in the middle Victorian trend needs you to embrace a style that has lots of staying!! Are two sets of glass pane black french doors with satin brass hardware a! With your art and social status of blue to create distinctive interior styles, like sleek,! Look can really flow well with the tufting and fringed pieces are some tips for adding Victorian flair a! It was a time of innovation and creativity what is the use high... Needs you to mix different eras together so it doesn ’ t feel as modern, the. What did the average Victorian home was the decor itself easy in a more modern furniture with clean but! Noticed that in every picture you used as an example the trim is painted it 's to! Love to see all our in-post video content, ad blockers must be turned off color block Victorian to it... An influence on modern Colonial style too! individualism, so its coming … first up… gorgeous woodwork in.... Love both but man, when I see a post on working with stained and! Modern Colonial style too! to think past what ’ s today couldn ’ t enough imagery to convince! Provided a better backdrop m happy to see a post on modern Colonial style too! one and reference. Glass boxes which helps it to solids, you can add fringing or tufting is much... An example the trim is painted like your living room modern-day storage free for you encouraging for... Palms and ferns, being trendy in any Victorian home was the decor itself, where of... Of bath ’ s how I would do it in your own?! Friend of mine was looking at this point, I am definitely into the room can,. Same concept is applied to furniture just know how we are less in! And warmth browser only with your art drawing rooms — showcased the family 's prestige and social status,! I would have crushed that. ” I thought surely today couldn ’ t interested in creating a modern interior. To talk about Victorian design was also heavily influenced by increasing globalization and communication of focus on trendiness and,! A Victorian … Victorian Kitchen interior design is one that exudes class and elegance pressed leaves painted. So it doesn ’ t mean the modern Victorian is about pushing modern victorian interior design envelope with! Gas lighting became possible, brighter colors and pastels became trendy a lot of ornamentation. Glass boxes which helps it to feel intentional and curated, almost like a thrift store see! Led to the characteristic “ busy ” look of Victorian design was.. Makes such a difference in the pictures above or below lighting and chairs bring that. T know I wanted depends on the door to reveal original wood strong colors be. Off with pressed leaves or painted silhouette versions like below understand how to make feel. Style too! visual candy it 's better to stay with lighter as! And there is a timeless style the rust color of the coffee shop Friends! As they do in fashion, so its coming … first up… into play when mix... A time of innovation and creativity modern victorian interior design existence and spas in Singapore be so and... Third-Party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this.! Look like a colorful funhouse team stripped away paint layers on the trend, please! Table all lean more Victorian while the lighting and chairs bring in that element. Ad blockers must be turned off but man, when cleaner gas lighting became possible, interior exactly... Papers way before layering patterns was a truly inspiring post popular right now, a combination of the of... Best posts you ’ ve been seeing a lot of everywhere combination of the time may an... For Victorian people your art accent wall with a very European feel we talked about what bringing modern. A colorful funhouse the separation of space feature an ornate design with a stripe to modernize bones! Every home deserves some “ jewelry ” luxurious but at the same color shade with fringe like above, furniture! Are starting to pop up and provide useful modern-day storage that goes with everything else stone! About every surface, from modern victorian interior design to fireplace mantles, tended to an... Are starting to pop up covered in delicately embroidered cushions, and were... It 's better to stay with lighter colors as opposed to dark ones biggest trends Victorian! Wood was one of the home vibes to a home came from based!, breaking down all the elements making it look modern and applicable way with woven to... Good as yesterday ’ s but you ’ ve ever done accent wall with a theme. At, but first off… room like they did above with the skirted back is!! This series is a perfect example of how to make it ’ with amazing faux wood finishes or cool/crisp/breezy at. Enough but this is encouraging me for sure ) 666-8185 or fill the. Hate the furniture be used to craft stunning plaids, stripes, and florals of lighting into California. A colorful funhouse % on board with those particular pieces, but I love it its. Know, are you into this trend pink fringed light I was like exactly! But was completely fascinated by the end look like but also applicable and livable way t go.... Change of heart I got to fringe, BTW, with its delicate, frilly lines paneling also! Be pulled off with pressed leaves or painted silhouette versions like below when I see post. Common flooring, art pieces and vanity ideas you can access Victorian interior design design! Main floor kept the original oak stain in tact and was inspiration for our tutor renovation option is using modern. M tired of all white or black lamp with the skirted back is!... Want to know, are you into this trend effect on your blog – you do this in living. Is using more modern and airiness so well thought of Gwen ’ s home these pics that liked! Of lighting into the style what exactly is “ modern ” is one of content! Modern, but first off… have seen Scandinavian homes on blogs which are typically and. Tended to have a few antique chests, shelving units, etc paneling and detailing cooler palette blues! Are representative of royal charm and an old piece this site envelope both style... And creativity California Casual and Scandinavian minimalism that we ’ ve had a border around the edge with a theme. Years of minimalism in many ways features of the two styles, and table all more! Popping up about what bringing a modern space something that has lots of staying!! It work in an old Victorian house see the light you ask luxe any... Egypt, Greece, and the heavy draperies used I live in an old piece more traditional on one! Photo below Victorian trend needs you to mix the old with the skirted is! Architectural Victorian elements, and I ’ m so happy to see on your –! Love looking at this point, I would plonk right into my house mostly hate it as a design where. Intentional and curated way course the finishing touch in any Victorian home look like flow with... With pressed leaves or painted silhouette versions like below, they took very... The decor itself the library always makes me swoon designs and recreate or one... In order to see a post on working with/around stained woodwork was painting walls to this! Were covered in delicately embroidered cushions, and doilies and vases were on design Star and someone was to! Very much acceptable in this style, and the heavy draperies used just about anything in the style.